ICCEE – Improving Cold Chain Energy Efficiency

CCE – Improving Cold Chain Energy Efficiency


The EC Horizon 2020 ICCEE project runs for 36 months and addresses the energy auditing issues in the cold supply chains of the food and beverage sectors.
The food and beverage sector is at the heart of EU’s economy representing around 12.8% of the value added in manufacturing and The embedded energy in all food consumed accounts for more than 25% of the EU-27 total final energy consumption. There are number of reasons why improving energy efficiency in the food and beverage sector’s supply chain remains key, which also constitute the two foundations of ICCEE to develop a decision support tool (for performing an energy flow and impact analysis through the supply chain and supporting the implementation of energy efficiency measures) and create an energy culture within companies.
ICCEE outputs will be tailored to address different system boundaries of the sub-sectors to encompass the varying production processes, the steps in the supply chain and their respective inputs and outputs.